The Three Drinkers Productions creates content in various ways to help push your brand to a diverse audience:

Branded content on TV

Let your brand play a natural part in a TV series.


Our shows are funded by lifestyle brands, drinks brands and travel brands as well as tourism boards.

Branded & Sponsored Content for Social Media and Websites

We can create consumer or trade-focused brand videos with high production values for distribution over social media or websites. 

Alternatively, place your brand front of house by sponsoring The Three Drinkers own Youtube videos (whole playlists or single episodes).

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Live Consumer Tasting Events

Get your liquid on lips at live tasting events hosted by The Three Drinkers in several ways:

  • Book them to host your events and masterclasses.

  • Leverage their contacts so they present your drinks during tastings at radio stations, TV production houses and publishing houses etc. 

  • Allow them to create a bespoke tasting event for you. 

Competitions & Giveaways

Monthly competitions have been shown to dramatically increase brand awareness and viewer engagement. Work with us on exclusive competitions and giveaways to put out over all our social media channels to a rapidly growing audience. (Currently over 100,000 followers).

The Three Drinkers competition.png

Brand ambassadors for your product

Let The Three Drinkers tell your story in bars and restaurants, acting as brand ambassadors and product experts. We’ll inspire staff to use your brands in a meaningful way.


We are of course also open to your own ideas for how we can help your brand. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.