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The drinks communications challenge...


The winners...

  • Drinks comms are stuck in a rut because booze does not lend itself to photos and on screen. There’s no ‘feast for the eyes’.

  • The result is that drinks comms is a sea of the same, never moving forward. It's all flouncy tasting notes, bottles shots, simple recommendations and swirling glasses.

  • It's hard to ensure coverage, even after expensive events and samples are sent out.

  • It’s hard for brands to find new audiences.

  • It’s hard for brands to stand out in the face of so much competition.

  • Are those that think creatively and embrace change.

  • Are those that understand they need to sell a lifestyle to help sell a product.

  • Are those that create engaging, consumer-focused content.

  • Are those that post content across various digital platforms.

  • Are those that find a way to work with TV streaming services like Amazon and Netflix.


With The Three Drinkers Productions, you get a unique package: three credible drinks experts to create your content and present it as well as full production services. They will also share your content over their combined social audience of over 100,000 followers (which is growing rapidly).


Let The Three Drinkers Productions help open the eyes of a new, global audience to your brand, including those who didn’t even know they needed you!